Hosp Grove hike

This year started off with a bang as we moved down south to Oceanside. We said goodbye to Marina del Rey and all the trails near LA, and have said hello to all that San Diego County has to offer. So it’s been a hard month of settling in and we were finally able to consider going for a hike this weekend.

Our intention was Torrey Pines state park for a casual day hike, but when we drove all the way down there the entrance road was closed! No signs or anything! Apparently the park road bridge was being renovated so the entire road was off limits. Disappointed, we turned back. I was especially disappointed because I had my home-made shirt and pants on and really wanted to try them out on the trail.

On the way back up the 5, we decided to stop off in Carlsbad at Hosp Grove and at least have a quick walk. Hosp Grove is a 53-acre Eucalyptus grove which was planted in 1908 by a man intending to sell the trees for railroad ties. Unfortunately for Mr. Hosp, Eucalyptus trees are not suitable for that purpose, and so now we have a park to hike in!

hosp 3

Gabriel’s hiking style has changed a little and he was interested in signs, rocks, sticks and dirt, as well as helpfully offering to carry the blue sunscreen tube for us. He spotted some cactus and informed us that it was prickly, and told us not to sit on it. He threw rocks over the side of an embankment and listened to them crashing down. Towards the end of our short walk Jess found a curled up piece of bark which Gabriel wore as a kind of crown, complete with leaf ornamentation!

hosp 4


We saw another party of hikers and a guy walking his dog but apart from that the park was empty.

hosp 2

As usual, Gabriel’s highlight was still being able to sit in the front seat of the car after we had finished our picnic of peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches and apples.

My home-made clothing was very functional and I felt like a champ wearing it but now looking back I am surprised at how hilarious I look. I kind of like looking like a clown, especially since I made the damn clothes myself, but still I think it’s back to the drawing board – apparently clothing should look half-decent as well as being technically sound!

hosp 1