1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62

On my John Muir Trail trip we were treated to some off-roading in a cool mid 80’s Toyota Land Cruiser. It was all rickety and falling to pieces, and a notable experience of the hike.

We have been saving up for a couple of years for some kind of camping / project car and were originally planning on finding a late 80’s VW Vanagon with the Westfalia camper conversion. After my ride to the Vermillion Valley Resort I was inspired and within a week had scouted craigslist and found a beauty. I opted for a 1988 FJ62 for its fuel injection and automatic transmission.

Eric was also so inspired that he bought a Land Cruiser too (a later model). Also within a week of returning!

It has a lot of body rust, 335,000 miles on the clock and tons of rattles. And heaps of personality. It’s been a huge hit in the family and has even inspired this years’ Halloween costume.

Land Cruiser Halloween Costume
Gabriel’s Halloween costume
Halloween costume
Headlamps work! They are hiking headlights.
Tail lamps work too
Tail lamps work too