Stripy Thermals for G

After the success of my stripy thermals, I had to make some for Jess and Gabriel. Here is Gabriel modeling his, Jess to follow.

I traced the size 2 pattern which is still a bit big for him but it works fine and he will grow into it. By this point I started to get a bit sick of working with this fabric and the patterns started getting boring. I am getting quick to sew this stuff, zig-zag-ing the edges and then doing a straight stitch down the seam while stretching the material. It works fine, the seams have a bit of stretch in them, but I understand that a Serger would make the seams a lot more strong and even more stretchy.

I did have to re-do the neckband because the first time it wasn’t stretchy enough to fit over his head. I used the twin needle to topstitch and it worked a lot better. Hopefully he will be nice and warm in his fine wool thermal underwear next time we hit the trail! Note one of our biggest inspirations, the book Trail Life by Ray Jardine 🙂