Musch Trail, Topanga Canyon

With our new handmade tarp complete and our groundsheet softened, we headed out to Topanga Canyon for a day hike and tarp set-up practice!

When we arrived Gabriel was fast asleep in the car so Simon paid for parking and spoke with the ranger regarding the Musch Trail Camp. The ranger said that it was just a couple miles from the trail head and that no one was currently camping there.


Since our “pretend backpacking” trip to La Jolla Trail Camp the week before was unsuccessful, we decided we would try again by “backpacking” ¬†to the Musch Trail Camp. This time it would be much more realistic since we had our newly-fashioned tarp with us!

We are really getting the hang of hiking with Gabriel. It was really routine! Either Gabriel felt like exploring or he felt like riding. Either way so long as his needs were met he was happy as a clam! What a relief it is to finally feel like this is getting normal. Our spirits were high!

It was a pleasant trail to Musch Camp: a shady narrow dirt pathway winding in and out of the sunlight. When we got to the camp we were delighted by the tall Eucalyptus trees and the general vibe of the small site.

Using a stick

Gabriel was off on an exploration up a hill while Simon pitched the tarp. I went back and forth between the two of them helping or just snapping pictures! Simon decided to try pitching the tarp between the fence and a stick. It wasn’t a bad pitching job but we both agreed it was a bit loose.

Trying out the tarp

We had a snack at the picnic tables and admired our tarp. But, ick! There were little flies everywhere. It was absolutely¬†maddening! Good thing we were only “pretend camping”! After we had enough of those pesky flies we packed up and headed out.

Those flies really illustrated how nice it would be to have our net tent. Other than those flies, it was a great outing!