Birthday Sail (with a 2-week-old)

For my birthday, Gabriel and Jess came for a sail with me on one of Fairwind Yacht Club’s Capri 22s, Mea Ono. ¬†Gabriel was only two weeks old and we hadn’t been out much in the preceding couple of weeks as you can imagine, so this was a very good birthday present indeed.

It was made possible in part because my mum was visiting from Australia and was up to be the able-bodied crew just in case Jess was busy with Gabriel, which ended up being the case! Thanks, mum!

While mum and Jess walked down to the dock I prepared the boat and pulled her round to the Mothers’ Beach short-term tie-up. My landing was quite shocking, I just came in a bit too fast. But mum was able to grab a shroud and onboard all three of them stepped.

Happy sailors

We had a good sail, tacking backwards and forwards up and down the Marina. We didn’t go out of the Marina because once we started sailing around and the boat started heeling, Jess got a bit worried since we didn’t have a PFD for Gabriel and should something happen we would definitely be in trouble. So, we eventually turned round, I dropped them back off and put the boat back.

A very fun few hours indeed.